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Vivafit - HIITVivafit HIIT

30–minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Group Class

Vivafit HIIT is a 30–minute High Intensity Interval Training Group Class. This class is suitable for all, with different intensity options according to the participant’s different fitness levels.

The class starts with a Warm Up, and is followed by a Fundamental Part where participants will be requested to challenge their limits and then it finishes with a cool Down period.

10 Physical Capacities

The Vivafit HIIT Class helps to develop the 10 Physical Capacities we are all born with: Strength, Cardio Vascular Resistance, Muscle Resistance, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Agility, Coordination, Balance and Precision.

It also helps weight lost and reduces the risk of metabolic disorders.

Energy, Music, Action!

You'll exercise in a group environment with energetic instructor and great music!
Every month the exercises will change to keep motivation level as high as possible!

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